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Nude Coed Twister

You know college girls love to play party games, so it was no surprise when these midwest college party animals submitted these videos of a wild game of nude coed twister available exclusively from College Rules of course! Click Here to see this hot new College Rules Gallery!  


Horny College Girls Videos

What better way to end the year and start 2012 but with an amazing new tour from College Rules featuring all the best of their horny college girls in uncensored videos for your viewing pleasure. On this tour you will see samples of the hottest and wildest coed porn vids sent in by guys and […]


Dirty Coeds Private Lesbian Threeway

These part time lesbians are really just a trio of horny college girls at a frat party who have decided to have some fun in one of the bedrooms before joining the others in a wild night of drinking and sex. But first it’s a hot private lesbian threeway for these naked college coeds who […]


Coeds Love Each Other

We all know that most college party girls enjoy getting dick, but of course there are many that also love getting their young shaved pussies licked by other coed girls like these two horndogs in this sweet lesbian coed video from College Rules. Also check out the messy naked jello wrestling video!


Coeds Have Wild Sex Orgy

No shit some of these coed sex parties from College Rules are way over the top like this new one from a university in the southwest where these wild college girls drank more and started wearing less and less until they were butt ass naked and fucking like rabbits anywhere they could! This was truly […]


Princess Sucks Cock

In this brand new video from College Rules we have a big tit princess sucks cock in a room full of frat boys while two other girls give a double headed dildo show in the other room. And of course there are a few more naked coed sluts running around fucking all the jocks they […]


Do Blonde College Girls Suck More Cock?

This is the question we find ourselves asking after viewing this great new video series from College Rules where a group of hot and horny college girls have a naked dorm party with some frisky frat boys and one thing leads to another until a few of the girls, namely the blondes, are on their […]


College Coeds Spring Break Porn Videos

First off you have never seen these videos before, they are hot off the press from Spring Break 2011 presented by COLLEGE RULES! You have got to see these vids to believe them, these college girls hit the beaches, bars and hotel rooms butt ass naked and ready to fuck anything that moves! This is […]


College Dorm Indoor Pool Party

In this new video series from College Rules we find a trio of hot girls who are very much into the spring break spirit but vote to have an indoor pool party with some of their jock friends. Things heat up quickly in the small plastic pool as the girls get on their knees to […]


Hot Coeds Flash Their Tits At Mardi Gras 2011

This Mardi Gras was a blast and now at Mardi Gras Girls 2011 you can see pics and videos of all the college coeds flashing their tits and baring their fine asses in a drunken display of real party girls in action! We also have a load of great video feeds from Mardi Gras, Spring […]

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